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10 Minute Booty Shaking Waist Workout With Tiffany Rothe


Lose inches off your waist with this hip shaking workout. Guaranteed to shrink your waist and tighten your core. Shake, strech and roll your way to a sexy body.

About the Author
Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe
My philosophy is not just about helping people lose weight, get buff or tighten their butts; I show my clients how to take control of their lives, stay positive and conquer their fears. I train the mind, work the body and lift the spirit. I teach them to welcome challenge and rise above defeat. I make them test themselves and show them how to win. I hold their hands while I kick their butts, and make them ask for more. My students pay for the words "I can't " in sweat and sometimes tears" but I train them from the heart to the muscle so their inner strength perseveres.


TondaB's picture
TondaB on

I love this workout!! It's one of my favorites...the boxing is my seconds fav!! Keep it up Tiffany and you'll whip me back into shape in no time!!

ugochi's picture
ugochi on

The volume of this video is not working.

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

Juau, que bueno! Me mandas fotos de antes y despues quiero aggegarte a mis testimoniales. Felicidades :)

Pole_Kat's picture
Pole_Kat on

I have to say that this video is my favorite video. I always have a good time with this one.

Barbara Sosa Albizar's picture
Barbara Sosa Albizar (not verified) on

Hola Tiffany,un gusto contactarme con usted, mi bebe tiene siete meses quede gorda y con unos rollos en la espalda gracias a ti se me quitaron he bajado 26 libras de veras muchas gracias y que dios te vendiga.

Judith's picture
Judith on

Hola, Tiffany!! Soy una nueva seguidora de tus estupendos vídeos. Ellos han hecho que disfrute haciendo ejercicio físico y lo haga de manera regular!! Quería preguntarte una duda que no termino de resolver. Es sobre la celulitis o lo que también llaman piel de naranja. Qué se debe hacer para eliminarla. Yo no tengo sobrepeso, pero desde adolescente tengo celulitis en piernas y glúteos, y ahora también levemente en abdomen. Tengo entendido que no siempre es suficiente con la dieta sana y el ejercicio. ¿Sabes si puede hacerse algo más para que vaya desapareciendo? Gracias y saludos desde España!! Y enhorabuena por el estupendo trabajo que haces.

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

Judith, te ayudará a reducir la celulitis el eliminar los productos lácteos y refrescos o bebidas gasificadas y debes realizar las rutinas de Tiffany. Si realmente quieres poner tu cuerpo en Forma de manera saludable  te invito a unirte al INNER CIRCLE FitClub, incluye un plan de alimentacion saludable y la guia de ejercicios para toda la semana. Vale la pena, verás cambios en una semana.  http://www.tiffanyrotheworkouts.com/%C3%BAnete-al-inner-circle-fitclub . TRW

Sonya's picture
Sonya (not verified) on

Wow down 12 pounds in 2 months. Now if I can stop stress eating that number would be much larger lol. But sticking with it!!!

mari's picture
mari (not verified) on

hola tiffany. queria pedirte ayuda tengo 15 años y no soy algo asi como sexi tengo rollitos tengo engordados la parte de la entrepierna y quiero tener bonitas "pompis" todo eso en um mes puedo lograrlo?porfavor ayudameee

susett's picture
susett (not verified) on

hola me gustan tus videos pero lastimosamente no puedo ser parte de tu INNER CIRCLE debido a mi economia y tampoco tengo accesibilidad a internet todos los dias creo q pudieras dejar que descarhgaramos aunque sea 3 o 4 videos gratis para poder ayudar a las personas que deseen perder peso pero no cuentan con una buena economia...
gracias y exitos

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

That is great news! Send me some before and after pics so I can add you my brag list :). I love seeing the great results, it motivates ME to the best teacher I can be.

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

Creo que vuelvte sexy estara bien, tambien Baile com Shakira, y Pompis Bonitas. Me avisas como les gustas :)

Minion93's picture
Minion93 (not verified) on

Hi Tiffany! I've watched some of your workout videos and I found that only this "10 minute booty shaking waist workout" suits me. Could you please recommend 1 or 2 more videos like this for me. I mean, your workouts are awesome and I've tried other videos but I just can't follow your movement:(. I need help losing inches of my waist and the area around my waist, including the fat at my back. Thank you so much!!!! ( I'm sorry for any mistakes in my comment since I'm not good at English and I cant speak Espanol..)

Disha's picture
Disha (not verified) on

Hey Tiffany! You are amazing, doing an awesome work. You not only guide, you inspire, you motivate.. I have been following your workout routines for 6 months now, and I have reduced 3 inches off my waist! And I was saved from losing my sanity and self confidence.. the coolest thing about your routines is that one doesn't feel strained or tired, its fun to do, and you do it so lively that one doesn't want to stop.. thank you, thanks a million! :)

norma's picture
norma on

uno mas de mis foritos yo empese my ejercisio con este video i chikas me a funcionado mui bien GRASIAS TYFFANY X ASER ESTOS VIDEOS ME ENCANTA ASERLOS I LO AGO 3 VESES X SEMANA   ME DIVIERTO I ADEMAS DUERMO COMO UN BEBE X QUEDO CANSADA GRASIAS TYFFANY

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

You are very welcome, I want you to feel good on the inside so you can look good on the outside :)

nicky21's picture
nicky21 on

hi tiffany I jus started doing your workouts two days ago an already feeling a bit better than before, and this workout have make me feel more confident in myself. love your workout ur doing a wonderful job by helping others thank u

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

Whether you are overweight, just had a baby sedentary whaterver. Many people feel out of breath or have leg pain when they start a new exercise program. You are waking up your body, activating your muscles, strengthening your heart, but you have to contine, you can't give up just because it is tough. The key word between success and failure is PERSEVERANCE!!!!! Keep going and one day you will breath stronger, you will be capable of more and you will feel that success in your heart, mind, body and soul. Stay the course Michelle.

carolina's picture
carolina on


Michelle02's picture
Michelle02 (not verified) on

Hello Tiffany,

I have a question and also a concern about myself. Probably some of your followers have the same question at one point of time. I am overweight and the movement I start exercising I get breathless, tired and left with no energy after that, which is quite de-motivating for me. My legs start hurting as well. After that I don't continue with exercise. Is there some way I can overcome this problem of mine. Or what is the better way I can change my attitude and start taking it more positively.

Thanks and Love

Katya's picture
Katya (not verified) on

Hola soy de Mexico! Cuantas calorías quemo con este workout??

Jumana 's picture
Jumana (not verified) on

Hi Tiffeny :) i want to ask how to start with your workout videos? shall i try one exercises every day or shall i repeat the same exercises until i c good results?

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

You can begin by following my weekly schedule for best results!

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

Thank you so much! You should really think about joining my INNER CIRCLE, I have new workouts every week for my members and you get to seeme gradually getting back in shape after my baby. The INNER CIRLCE is like my second family!

Rashmi's picture
Rashmi on

HI Tiffany.. I am doing your workouts everyday as per schedule.. You are so lively.. i workout with you everyday.. you are so motivating.. when ever i think of you i feel like working out! you are amazing lady helping many so many of them..i feel like i am one of your team mate.. love you continue doing the great job..

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

Great! Once you become a member you get several food plans, new workouts and new exercise schedules. I will look forward to seeing you in the IC!

Tiffanie's picture
Tiffanie on

Do you offer any APS?

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

HI, if you join my INNER CIRCLE, I can send you a link for all of the workouts and you won't need youtube to play them :) You also get a food plan and an amazing support group. 

nashra abdulkadil's picture
nashra abdulkadil (not verified) on

Hi Tiffany..its really amazing ur excercise & i think it will works for me..i will join ur INNER CIRCLE & pls. f i can have a diet food plan..Thanks

Simra Irshad's picture
Simra Irshad (not verified) on

I really like ur workouts n used to practice sum of them too but as u know youtube is now bann in Pak. specially dis 10min booty shaking workout is my favorite but I cant play any of ur videos through dis link,y????

Ingrit's picture
Ingrit (not verified) on

hola Tiffany, saves me encanta tus videos estoy tratando de hacer las rutina son super divertidas !!! solo que me cuesta mantenerlas como es el tema de bajar los videos se paga cada cierto tiempo?

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

Hola Ingrit, Muchas Gracias.... para obtener mis rutinas y poder bajarlos a tu compu... te invito a que seas parte de INNER CIRCLE... tienes opcion de ser miembro por 3, 6 o 12 meses,  ademas de tener este beneficio de bajarlos a tu compu.. obtendras una guia de alimentacion, una guia de rutinas... y podras ser parte de un chat privado!!! 

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! I send you a big hug and kiss.

komal's picture
komal on

you have changed my life....<3 love u dear...<3

nikita 's picture
nikita (not verified) on

hey tiffany!
where can i get that..no more flabby arms workout.?
it's mentioned in the workout schedule but i coudn't find it!

nikita 's picture
nikita (not verified) on

hey tiffany!
where can i get that..no more flabby arms workout.?
it's mentioned in the workout schedule but i coudn't find it!

M-I-A's picture
M-I-A on

tiffany , kindly upload some of the videos on your FACEBOOK page aswell ,
i m unable to watch them here =(

SOMA KARAK's picture

i want this video to my mail.please send me this video

aloha_gurl808's picture
aloha_gurl808 on

Hi Tiffany I do this everyday and the bikini workouts. How many times do i need to do this in order for me to see the results

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

that is great news, thanks for taking the time to send me the message. I have a great before and after photo contest starting in May you should join in :)

Kaam's picture
Kaam on

Hi Tiffany, I am from Nepal. I love this workout and have seen the result too. I have been doing this workout 3 times a day since couple of weeks. I lost three inches from my belly and lost 5 pounds. I am 5.5 feet with 143 pounds. My target is to loose some 2-3 inches from my belly and I am excited that I will look good. Your workouts has been my daily routine. Specially I would like to thank you for informing that workout during period cycle is normal and heals out menstrual cramps. It is so true. First time I tried during my period cycle, and magically, it worked :) Thank you so very much!!

Maysie :)'s picture
Maysie :) on

i like itso much :)

xoxoshanelle's picture
xoxoshanelle (not verified) on

How many calories does this workout burn?? (:

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

Write to customerservice@tiffanyrotheworkouts.com and they will send you the link to purchase :)

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

yay! have you tried Get Your Sexy Back and Bikini Abs ?

pressi's picture
pressi on

Ahhh, this is so fun!

Shadreka 's picture
Shadreka (not verified) on

How can I puchuse your dvds

maryada's picture
maryada on

hey tiffany
am i suppose to do this workout with empty stomach?
how many times should i do it in a day to lose inches fast?

Tahtianna's picture
Tahtianna on

I love these workouts. I am an on campus freshman and it is very difficult for me to eat healthy with limited choices around me and the lack of variety. So I'm not losing inches. But the great thing is that when I do these workouts, I feel so good about myself and I notice that despite what I eat, as long as I keep doing these workouts, I still see some type of positive results.


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  • I just received this honorable blog form Linda Vissenberg. She called me her Fitspiration! I love the blog, thanks Linda. Here it is:
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  • This weeks WOW Features Robin Miller who flew to Mexico on a whim to be in the ICFC photo shoot. She took class and rocked it!

    I am so PROUD of Robin, she represented the ICFC in the best way possible. She made me confident to know that even if you gals are not training with me in person every day you are FIERCE by doing the ICFC program!!!!

    It was a great moment for me to see her strength, her tenacity, her endurance and her beauty. She was the personification of Fit, Fierce and Fabulous. From a size 14 to a size 4, you are awesome Robin!!!!

    I showed her no mercy and she rose to the occasion and stepped into her greatness. YES!!!!!! These are the moments that make my life great.

    I look forward to the day to have all of you in class with me personally one day. I want all the ICFC members to do this WOW workout without stopping, be fierce and post when you are done :)
    19 hours 11 min ago
  • A message from a new member of my INNER CIRCLE FITCLUB that made my day:

    Hello, Tiffany! I've recently joined your inner circle a week ago and I am SO content with my results! I'm proud to say I have lost 6lbs since then.
    I love your workout videos, they are AMAZING. You are such a motivating, beautiful, positive person I love it (:
    Thank you so much for making my weight loss progress successful! I can't wait to see my results 3 months from now ^.^
    Once again, thank you, Tiffany!
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