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The Bikini Abs Workout


This sexy, fun workout will help you sculpt your waist, burn calories and gain confidence as you strut your stuff in a bikini. Watch out - it is harder than it looks!

About the Author
Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe
My philosophy is not just about helping people lose weight, get buff or tighten their butts; I show my clients how to take control of their lives, stay positive and conquer their fears. I train the mind, work the body and lift the spirit. I teach them to welcome challenge and rise above defeat. I make them test themselves and show them how to win. I hold their hands while I kick their butts, and make them ask for more. My students pay for the words "I can't " in sweat and sometimes tears" but I train them from the heart to the muscle so their inner strength perseveres.


PUSHKAL's picture

I love this workout, its amazing.

Bhavya Singh's picture
Bhavya Singh on

Hello Tiffany, This one doesnot have sound for some reason and it doesn't seem to buffer as well. I never had issues with any of your workouts but this one. Hope it can be fixed soon. Thank you! :-)

Bhavya Singh's picture
Bhavya Singh on

Oh never mind, I refreshed it and played on Firefox and it worked. I should have thought about it.. Sorry!

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

This goes great with "Get your sexy back" and the "10 minute booty shaking workout" :)

Amelia 's picture
Amelia (not verified) on

Hey Tiffany. I love this workout and wondered if i should do this 3 times in a row every day of the week? or if i should do other workouts as well. Thank you :)

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

Hi Amelia!! Its impossible to spot reduce fat so if you are trying to loose weight you should download my free weekly workout schedule on my webpage. However if you goal is not to loose weight and rather to firm and tone a specific area then you should repeat this workout 3 x a day and up to 4-6 times a week :)

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

You should have all of the workouts on the free workout page I don't know what I meant by four other workouts!!! I must have had a mom block :) The new workouts are available when you become a member.  

lala's picture
lala on

Hi tiffany I am just starting the free weekly schedule workout to see how it goes and when you replied back to carine youssef and said combine it with at least four other workouts, what other four other workouts where you tsking about????? I just want to start every thing off the right way thanks

carine youssef's picture
carine youssef (not verified) on

i have enjoyed your workout a lot and was i wondering if i should do this workout everyday or 3 times per week.

thank you

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

If single, yes. If you follow my Free Weekly Schedule and combine it with at least four other workouts, then once is ok. ;)

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  • ICFC members this week WOW challenge is "Jumprope Jam Videos 1-5" if you don't have a jumprope you can use a broom, a towel or a long string. Don't forget to check in after you have done this fat burning, leg definining workout :)
    2 days 19 hours ago
  • I just received this honorable blog form Linda Vissenberg. She called me her Fitspiration! I love the blog, thanks Linda. Here it is:
    4 days 1 hour ago
  • This weeks WOW Features Robin Miller who flew to Mexico on a whim to be in the ICFC photo shoot. She took class and rocked it!

    I am so PROUD of Robin, she represented the ICFC in the best way possible. She made me confident to know that even if you gals are not training with me in person every day you are FIERCE by doing the ICFC program!!!!

    It was a great moment for me to see her strength, her tenacity, her endurance and her beauty. She was the personification of Fit, Fierce and Fabulous. From a size 14 to a size 4, you are awesome Robin!!!!

    I showed her no mercy and she rose to the occasion and stepped into her greatness. YES!!!!!! These are the moments that make my life great.

    I look forward to the day to have all of you in class with me personally one day. I want all the ICFC members to do this WOW workout without stopping, be fierce and post when you are done :)
    4 days 2 hours ago
  • A message from a new member of my INNER CIRCLE FITCLUB that made my day:

    Hello, Tiffany! I've recently joined your inner circle a week ago and I am SO content with my results! I'm proud to say I have lost 6lbs since then.
    I love your workout videos, they are AMAZING. You are such a motivating, beautiful, positive person I love it (:
    Thank you so much for making my weight loss progress successful! I can't wait to see my results 3 months from now ^.^
    Once again, thank you, Tiffany!
    Like ·
    4 days 22 hours ago