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Boob Lift And Tummy Tuck Workout By Tiffany Rothe


This quick and effective workout will tone your chest and arms and tighten your core. Boobs up, tummy down!

About the Author
Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe
My philosophy is not just about helping people lose weight, get buff or tighten their butts; I show my clients how to take control of their lives, stay positive and conquer their fears. I train the mind, work the body and lift the spirit. I teach them to welcome challenge and rise above defeat. I make them test themselves and show them how to win. I hold their hands while I kick their butts, and make them ask for more. My students pay for the words "I can't " in sweat and sometimes tears" but I train them from the heart to the muscle so their inner strength perseveres.


Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

Do Boob lift and tummy tuck on your knees. Please explain the moves you are having difficulties with so I can give you some modifications :)

simmy's picture
simmy on

Just started the plan day 2 . Found workouts 3,5,6,7 difficult to do. Do you have any suggestions. I want to keep on track and gain the results.

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

For lower abs, I recommend lean and lovely lower abs parts one and two, boob lift, tummy tuck, flat sexy abs and reducing your intatke of bread and sugar :)

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

No sweetie, if you following the schedule, you only have to do it once :)

lilypad's picture
lilypad on

i used to hate workouts but one day i saw one of your videos and then all of them... now thanks to you i love doing it :) videos are so funny amusing and you are always smiling so i smile whenever i watch them :) thank you so much Tiffany :) love you <3

aishglow's picture
aishglow on

hi im new to dz forum need motivation to lose weight

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

0Every body is different, but I can assure you with exercise and healthy eating you will look and feel better. Just start now, and each month you can get better and better :

Xiomara's picture
Xiomara on

Hey Tiffany I have a question. If I follow the weekly schedule I have to repeat all the three times each one of the exercises?

Rochelle's picture
Rochelle (not verified) on

Hello Tiffany, i just came across your videos on youtube and i have done a couple of them.I just want to know if it is possible to have abs like that when you are 400lbs and your stomach has taken up space in my lap and it hangs down.i dont mind doing the work but is it going to tighten all this flab up?

Suksessful's picture
Suksessful on

I don't have that much but what I do have I want to tighten so I cannot find her reply to you? I want the same answer. My lower gut is my issue to remove or tighten.

Suksessful's picture
Suksessful on

I don't have that much but what I do have I want to tighten so I cannot find her reply to you? I want the same answer. My lower gut is my issue to remove or tighten.

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

HI Filipa,
Welcome! You should receive your welcome letter, your food plan, your workout schedule, and acess instructions to the private web page.. ONce you log on, fill out your profile and start with teh "let's cleanse together" forum.  I will see you on the site :)

Filipa's picture
Filipa on

hi tiffany, i recently join the inner circle, so wat i have 2 do now?

Laura / TRW team's picture
Laura / TRW team on

Hi Filipa!
You need to follow TRW INNER CIRCLE Level 1 program that you received to your email: food plan and training schedule. You will find all videos in INNER CIRCLE (purple button) web area. You also received login details to your web account in separate email that has been sent to you the same day you joined.
In case you have some technical difficulties, please send email to customerservice@tiffanyrotheworkouts.com

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

Fitness is a lifetime commitment. I f you start eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies and stop eating packaged and fast foods and do you TRW's you will look great when school starts. Constant and Consistent Commitment is the Key to SUCCESS!

Shaniya's picture
Shaniya on

I'm 14 and 220lbs and I wanted to be at least 136lbs befo I starty new year at high school and we have 3in a half months left befor it starts and I was wondering is it possible for me to lose that much ? And what workouts do I need to do for this ?

M-I-A's picture
M-I-A on

I am from asia , none of your video is playing . please do something !

Anca's picture
Anca on

Cum pot face rost gratuit de programul de a manca sanatos.......

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

Girls, here you can play this video. It's free!
But if you want to download it, you need to be the INNER CIRCLE FitClub member. Or, you can buy it for $ 4.99. Here is the link:  https://tiffanyrotheworkouts.dpdcart.com/cart/add?product_id=37536&metho...

munyalisa 's picture
munyalisa (not verified) on

please help me get my body in shape and this big tummy i have please Tiffany .

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

Join my INNER CIRCLE FitClub and we will fix everything! ;)

Rabia's picture
Rabia on

This video is not downloading

Brooklyn's picture
Brooklyn on

i suck

marie's picture
marie on

tiffany can you upload workout videos on facebook?

marie's picture
marie on

tiffany need your help actually youtube is banned in our country and this site take hours to watch just one video,, and em getting married soon plz plz plz help out is there any other way plz
plz tell me ASAP.

Tiffany Rothe's picture
Tiffany Rothe on

Marie, join my INNER CIRCLE FitClub! Join the JUMP START , 3 month program and lose weight and tone your body! You will get ALL workouts available to download and you will not depend on internet connection and YouTube restrictions anymore! Not to mention healthy food plan and detailed training schedule. Don't wait! This is better investment  then buying a dress that will "cover the imperfections" ;)

marie's picture
marie on

tiffany you're just amazing <3

Belinda's picture
Belinda (not verified) on

Is this video no longer available for free?

Laura / TRW team's picture
Laura / TRW team on

Yes, this video is free and visible on YT :)

RachelMarie's picture
RachelMarie on

if we are doing the workout scheduale do we do the 6 workouts 3 times each?

Nicole Muñoz Curé's picture
Nicole Muñoz Curé on

No, you just do what's on the schedule!

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    Hello, Tiffany! I've recently joined your inner circle a week ago and I am SO content with my results! I'm proud to say I have lost 6lbs since then.
    I love your workout videos, they are AMAZING. You are such a motivating, beautiful, positive person I love it (:
    Thank you so much for making my weight loss progress successful! I can't wait to see my results 3 months from now ^.^
    Once again, thank you, Tiffany!
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